Not retired anymore

10 03 2010

Well I was convinced by some friends to come out of retirement so I did.  I rejoined WW so my war days aren’t over yet.  All I can say now is I’m back and ready to KICK SOME ASS!!!

~Billybozo2  MC Leader  WW General


Welcome to the Marine Corps of Clubpenguin Memorial

15 11 2009

There once stood a magnificent Clubpenguin army. They had strong and courageos soldiers, skilled leaders, and would do anything for their fellow comrads or server.

That army was the Marine Corps of Clubpenguin.

They served to protect Tundra and all of its people. They would never back down from a challenge.

They weren’t just a army, they were a family.

We, as a family have agreed on leaving all the original posts/comments/pictures that once supplied MC in it’s hay day.

Even though this army is long gone now, their spirit still lives on in the heart of Tundra.

 The few, The Proud, The Marines.

                                                                                                                                                                            –Lecko, Billy, Daisy, Rosy

                                                                                                                                                                     Retired MC Main Leaders

Okay, last post, I swear

19 10 2009

Well I made a new chat, (sorry in advance for the name, everything is reserved! 😐 ) Yeah so if you want to come on then you can. I won’t be on during the weekdays a whole lot, maybe for 1/2 at most but on the weekends I have nothing(wow I feel like a total loser saying that lol) Haha anyways here’s the link:

New chat

Yeppers so that’s it I guess 😉

For the last time(I promise!)


Billy:  Sorry if I haven’t been on for a while.  I was sick like hell and I almost got the swine flu.  I had to stay in bed all week and I could barely move.  I couldn’t even get up and reach for my laptop which was right beside my bed.  At least the good thing is I’m better now so I’ll be active.

My Last Rainbow Post D:

7 10 2009

Rosy here, back with what probably will be my last rainbow post ever!!! How sad is that? 😥 Well I know we’re supposed to be making a new chat, but I think Lecko’s been pretty busy so should I just make it? No one can read yellow 😐 Anywho if there’s anyone still on the site just let me know. So yep that’s it, I think I just felt like posting again because rainbow writing is so much fun! So if anyone wants a new one or Lecko if you just want me to make it I’ll make a new chat. Rainbow done 😥


Also, this is Billy with my retirement post.  Sorry if it’s a little late.  Like I said before, I’m attaching my post to Rosy’s because any of your comments would go to the wrong email if I make my own post.

I started playing CP about 3 or 4 years ago( I can’t remember the date 😦 ). My first account was Kirby Crazy(I liked Kirby back then).  One day, I became famous 🙂 and I was followed everywhere I went.  I bet you’re wondering how I got the name Billybozo2.  Well, I met this other popular guy named Billybozo.  We became great friends and decided to clone each other.  He made a Kirby Crazy2 and I made a Billybozo2.  A few weeks later I got banned 😦 but luckily not forever 🙂 .  So I started using Billybozo2.  When I was unbanned, I tried to get on but my password was somehow changed.  I was pretty much hacked.  That’s how my account name was Billybozo2.

I joined MC 2 summers ago.  It was pretty hard though.  I “betrayed” MC quite a bit (sorry guys). One time, I was hanging out with my fever friends (Believe it or not, I liked fever) and a whole group of MC enters the room.  My heart stops, they see me, and I freak out. Before you know it, a big battle starts, MC vs. Fevers.  I remember exactly who was in that group:  Lecko, Rosy, Garuabio, Icee, and Freezy.  Even though I was leading Fevers, my soldiers  all sucked so much that we lost(at least MC won 🙂 ).  That’s when I joined MC and my first rank was a trooper.

Damn, I lost the color 😦 .

Lecko-  Once again, I’m very sorry for those betrayals  and attacks that went the wrong way.  That shouldn’t happen again.  You were a great friend and did nothing wrong.  What the hell was I thinking?

Rosy-  Those were some good times we had together.  Maybe we should do that again sometime.  You’re an awesome friend.

Daisy-  I didn’t know you for long either but you were a pretty good leader.

Blue- Or should I say Underseablue?  It was such a coincidence that I met you on cp before we met each other in real life.  I couldn’t believe that my cp friend lived right across the street.  Too bad you moved though.

These are some friends from other armies.

Dialga- Dia, I’m so happy that you’re still here.  Our squad in WW kicked ass.  Sorry for betraying you too and joining BB.  I still can’t believe I did that.  I think I only did cuz Spacey was there.

Spacey-  I know I seemed like such a noob in BB.  I didn’t know much at all.  I learned from the other side of the war at that time.  We had some good battles.

Wii Mountain-  You were a bit lazy coming to battles but you were still a great leader.  I also didn’t listen to you one battle by using my own tactic when I wasn’t leading but I ended up being a hero and I got a promo 🙂 .

Gph-  It sucked that our merge never worked out.  We were a bit too late.  But were still good friends.

Lincoln-  Congratz on being MCP Leader.  You earned it 🙂

I know this list could go on forever but I just don’t have time.  No one has that time.  But thank you everybody for those great times.   Damn right they were awesome 🙂

~ Billy out for the last time in cp armies

Back briefly for a decision.

20 09 2009

Dear MC,

You have been a great army. Everyone in this army has great deal of meaning to me.

We have fought several wars, won some and lost some.

We’ve been through everything together.

But now my friends,

I think it is time for MC to end peacefully.

We have ran our course.

I will be deleting the site and making a new chat.

I’ll give you the link when it’s done.

Don’t be angry or sad. This is the right thing to do.

I will be back in a week.

Until then, say your goodbyes.

Thank you for being an amazing army.

Clubpenguin will never forget us.

The few, the proud, the marines.


Last Stand

3 09 2009

This is Billy.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to be the last leader of MC.  After that, either we let MC end peacefully or I find someone else who has what it takes to take care of the army and lead it right.  We fought hard and made it far through wars.  This could be the end.  There’s no need to comment on this post.  If  you would like to say something about this, do it on the chat.  Like I said, leave a message if there’s nobody on unless you’re a guest.  Other than that, do what you gotta do.


Also, I made some new co-leaders since MC is at our last stand.

Ranks don’t matter now until we return to normal.  Either that or it’s the end of MC.MC Flag

The final Retirement of DaisyDoo50

1 09 2009

Yes the title is true….I am retiring for the last time. even though i haven’t been in this army for even a year, i still love it.  But it’s my time to retire.  I haven’tbeen in armies for very long. But I’ve made the greatest of friends from this army.

Lecko-You are one of my greatest Friends.  I’ll miss you.

Rosy- You are one of my greatest Friends. I’ll miss you and our random filled conversations

Billy- I haven’t known you for long but i trust you will take care of MC.

To the rest of MC who doesn’t or does know me Good-Bye. I do not know if i can come back. I may be on chat from time to time, but i do not know.

-Signing off for one last time,